Commercial Building

There is substantial growth in commercial ICF construction due to cost effectiveness:


•Overall strength of ICF building concept - ease of construction plus higher structural quality, strength and durability of the finished exterior envelope.

•Interior Fire Rated Interior - Partition Walls have as excellent cost-effective alternative to Concrete Masonry.

•Easy Integration of structural steel and wood components.

•Ease of applying various exterior finishes such as stucco, brick, brick veneer or stone.

•Building interior HAVC Performance - energy efficiency of 50% to 80% results in major savings in operating costs. The interior also will have an improved air quality for better health with an exceptional comfortant level; Interior separation walls have a 3 or 4 hour fire rating, providing better safety; extremely quiet rooms with STC 50+ ratings.

•The life cycle cost of the building is very attractive for long term use.


If you are building in the education, retail, warehouse, house of worship, multi-family, government or agricultural sectors – ICF construction is the way to go. Long term sustainability and the option of LEED certification are value - added benefits.


Interior 4 Hr Fire rated wall

 Shop with 24 ft high ICF walls

Hotel 4 Hr Fire wall