Architectural Design Advantages

ICF construction is compatible whether you are designing homes to high rises – hotels to hospitals – schools to strip malls. Here are just some of the options available to support building  with ICF construction:


★Creates a  structural building envelopes exceeding conventional wood and formed concrete design requirements.

★ICF Walls have a 3 and 4 hour fire rating.

★Energy savings of 50% to 80% reduces operating costs. 

 The building life cycle cost are very attractive long term.

★Technical Support Available – Architectural Manual available

★Meets all Building Code approvals via accredited third-party building code evaluation reports

★LEED– (Leadership in energy & Environmental Design) your project can earn points for design innovation

★Auto CAD drawings available plus CSI specifications.


ICF buildings are created as an engineered wall system with specific resteel requirements. Tacoma Engineering has provided B3.0 – Supplementary Canadian Wall Engineering, the design tables with certain design parameters which we uses a a general guide. We have chosen to work with only the best insulated concrete forms. The company has a full time engineer on staff and offer both support for the Canadian and USA markets.  AMVIC Building Systems


The following items are reasons to design with ICF.


Engineering Design Advantages


★Canadian Engineering Tables available upon request - “Canadian Engineering Specifications”by Tacoma Engineers.

★Design criteria and Building Code approvals by accredited third-party evaluation and research reports.

★LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) program qualified.

★Ease of integration with other building systems such as concrete suspended slabs, hollow core and open web  steel and wood floor systems.

★More cost effective to form with ICF verses conventional forming systems.

★ ICF Walls can be poured in lower temperatures not requiring heating and hoarding.

★Auto CAD drawings available plus CSI specifications.